Qigong Workshop with Eva & Karel Koskuba

FRIDAY 23 – SUNDAY 25 NOVEMBER In late November, we will have the pleasure of hosting a workshop with two wonderful teachers of Tai Chi and Qigong Karel & Eva Koskuba. These teachers have been my personal partners since old times and have already visited Greece several times for workshops.…


Instructors Qi Gong workshops

A new cycle of instructors workshops began this year on the subject of teaching simple Qi Gong for the novice. The subject of these workshops will be the theory of qi qong, basic principles of T.C.M, a detailed explanation of how we teach some simple qi gong and we will…



At our school you can find DVDs that can help and facilitate the students with their personal study at home, with the slow set, exercises, and 18 movements qi gong, the qi gong of 8 brocades and 5 yin organs,  the 8 animals qi gong and the taoistic qi gong.…


International 5 day Tai Chi Camp with Master Alex Dong

Tai Chi Camp

We are happy to announce an International 5 day Tai Chi Camp with Master Alex Dong in beautiful South Crete – Greece in September 2018. The dates are confirmed, and the camp will start from Friday afternoon September 21st and will end on Wednesday morning September 26th. The 5 day…


Greek Tai Chi & Chi Gong Celebration Day 2018

On Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 7:00 pm, we all coordinate a celebration of joy and renewal! The celebration of the Greek Day of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong is a call of springtime for practice that takes place simultaneously in four cities: Athens (in Zappeion), Thessaloniki (in Alexander…


Instructors training

We are happy to announce the new instructors training starting this year in our school. Open to all students that have been studying in our school for a few years and are interested to take their study further by sharing their experience and knowledge. First workshop starts on October 16th in…