At our school you can find DVDs that can help and facilitate the students with their personal study at home, with the slow set, exercises, and 18 movements qi gong, the qi gong of 8 brocades and 5 yin organs,  the 8 animals qi gong and the taoistic qi gong.

The most recent DVDs were filmed and edited by Argyris Tsepelikas, and are more fully described below.

The on has the long form of the  yang style filmed from two different angles (one with a mirror and the other outside). This DVD also includes warm-up routine and  the Peng Lu Ji An.




The second dvd is introductory in Tai Chi and includes introductory exercises for beginners from standing position and walking as well as the “18 moves” qi gong that is taught in our school. It is a useful dvd for beginners as they can follow it by watching it and get a taste of the art of tai chi. Also useful for students already practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
We also have available the leaning series 1 & 2 and soon 3rd one on video file for those who are interested or followed the Liangong workshops.

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