International 5 day Tai Chi Camp with Master Alex Dong

We are happy to announce an International 5 day Tai Chi Camp with Master Alex Dong in beautiful South Crete – Greece in September 2018. The dates are confirmed, and the camp will start from Friday afternoon September 21st and will end on Wednesday morning September 26th.

The 5 day Tai Chi Camp is open to all the students of all levels of Dong’s style Tai Chi.

The  hours of the lessons will be every day 10:30 – 13.00 and 17:30 – 20:00 starting on Friday afternoon and finishing at noon on Wednesday.

The cost, and the rooms

Total cost per person for the International Tai Chi Camp starting from Friday evening till Wednesday morning (includes, all lessons, half board  and accommodation) is: double room 560 euros per person, single room 660 euros per person (there is no more single rooms available- you can put yourself in a waiting list if really need one but no guarantee there will one available), and triple room 525 euros per person. If you prefer to pay in dollars Alex’s fee it will be 385 US dollars . The rest (which includes accommodation, half board and hall expenses) will be as follows: 240 euros for twin room , 205 euros for triple room and 340 euros for single room. The accommodation, half board and hall expenses have to be paid in euros.  Once you decide to register for the workshop we will ask you to pay the hotel  70% of total amount by end of July and the rest till one week before. The money you pay for the hotel once deposited are non refundable. We will inform you of the way to pay the hotel.  Please note that 40 euros have to be paid to Lydia or Yiannis once arriving there (which is the cost of hall and expenses) which you have to deduct from the accommodation and half board cost (so you know what to pay the hotel). You need to talk to us first before making any move to book through the hotel. The way to do your hotel booking is by emailing them to Tel. +302832031297. Please mention that you are from the TaiChi workshop organised by Lydia Tillianaki. Please inform them that you need to pay your share of double or triple room and they will tell you the exact amount .

For those who prefer a double or triple room please let us now who will be your roommates, or we can arrange it for you. For lunch there is possibility to eat at the hotel restaurant or snack bars. There is also another beach nearby  in a walking distance (approx. 15 minutes) where there are several restaurants.

The venue

The venue will be at the hotel Calypso in South Crete, near the town of Plakias. The workshop will take place at the seminars and wellness center of the hotel.


How to get to the Tai Chi Camp

To get there you need to first get flights to Athens and then to Crete. Ryanair is a cheap company we suggest for flights to Chania – Crete.  It is also possible to book a flight for Heraklion – Crete or Chania with Aegean Airlines

Either you land at the airport of Chania or Heraklion city, you have to get lifts for the hotel.The distance to the hotel  from Chania is approx. 1 hr. and 50 minutes, and from Heraklion is aporox. 2 hours.

Taxis can be arranged by the hotel. The transfer cost is approx. 80 – 120 euros for a taxi  which can be shared by 4 people. Αlso  there is public transportation but you need to ask us details about it. The nearest town to the hotel, Plakias, is 10 minutes by car, and you need  to get a taxi to reach it.

More details will be sent to those who enroll for the workshop.

If you intend to stay longer please call the hotel and ask them to book more days for your stay mentioning that you are there for the Tai Chi workshop organised by Lydia Tillianaki. The extra cost for each day for twin accommodation and half board is 40 euros per person and 60 euros for single room.  Please stay tuned with our page, as more details might be posted here and more will be given to those who are interested.

To register for the camp contact Lydia Tyllianaki.


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