Tai Chi in the Park June – July 2018

Once more this year, our school participates in the program “Tai Chi in the Park”, organized by the Pan-Hellenic Martial Arts Guide “Martial Arts”. Our courses will take place again at the Nea Smyrni Alsos (Nea Smyrna Grove) every Friday at 19:00, from June 1st and for the whole of July. You will find us near the entrance of Alsos from Ephesos and Kordeliou (the yellow mark on the map below).

For the sixth consecutive year, the Pan-Hellenic Martial Arts Guide organizes open and free lessons of the Chinese martial arts / healing exercise Tai Chi Chuan, in numerus locations in Greece and in collaboration with local Tai Chi schools and teachers. The lessons will take place during June and July 2018 and all those interested (ordinary passers-by, practitioners already in Tai Chi Chuan or some other martial arts, etc.) regardless of their age or physical abilities will be able to participate in the program free of charge.

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