FREE PRESENTATION FOR Zhong Yuan Qi gong Friday 18/1/2019

On Friday 18/1 at 19.30 – 21.00 there will be a free presentation about Zhong Yuan Qigong to be taught by Instructor George Indulen from Latvia. The purpose of this meeting is to present this Qigong system. Everyone is invited to the presentation (open to completely novices in these arts as well as non-students of our faculty)
ZYQ is an internal alchemy school, and involves a detailed process for the development of the individual, including physical, energy and spiritual anatomy.
This Qigong School is one of the largest Qigong schools all over the world.
George Indulen is a certified trainer of the first three levels of Zhong Yuan Qigong. He is a member of the Apollo Zhong Yuan Qigong Foundation and a member of the Zhong Yuan Qigong of Latvia. He has been practicing intensively in Zhong Yuan Qigong since 2004 and is closely associated with the Grand Master of the system Xu Mingtang. George Indwell also studied Feng Shui at the Blue Mountain Institute and is a certified consultant and trainer in it.
This Qigong is recommended to all those who are already involved with Qigong or Taijiquan even to totally novice students. Come get an idea!

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