Available DVDs from our school

At our school, there are available DVDs also available in electronic files, that can help and facilitate students with their personal study of the form, exercises and Qigong.

All videos have been edited by Argyris Tsepelikas – a professional cameraman and instructor of Tai Chi.

DVDs for Tai Chi

For the slow set and additional introductory exercises there are two dvds see more detailed descriptions below.

1st DVD

In the first DVD you can see the long yang style slow set from two different visual angles (one with a mirror and the other outdoors). This DVD also includes warm-up and the Peng Lu Ji An set.

2nd DVD

The second DVD is introductory to Tai Chi and includes preliminary exercises for beginners standing and walking as well as the “18 moves” qigong that is taught in our school. It is a useful dvd for beginners as they can follow it while watching and get a taste of this art. It is also useful for students already practicing Tai Chi and Qigong.

Other DVDs with Qigong

8 Treasures & 5 Yin Organgs

The 8 Treasures Qigong along with the 5 Yin Organgs Qigong in one dvd. Exercises that are good for better functioning of the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and spleen.

8 Animals & Taoistic

The 8 Animals Qigong and the Taoistic Qigong in one dvd.
Exercises that strengthen the joints, increase vitality, and calm the spirit.


Liangong is divided into 3 sets of 18 movements. Available in 3 files – Later it will be released in dvd form too. Each file contains 18 exercises that are explained along the breathing as they are done.
Liangong exercises are divided into 3 sets:
1st set.
It relieves muscular pains in the joints from the neck, waist to legs.
2nd set.
Helps for better function and plasticity of connective tissues, tendons and internal organs.
3rd set.
It helps to open the breath, strengthens the heart and the lungs.

It is necessary with the video to do private lessons for those qigogs, if you are not a student of the school.
If you live in another part of Greece, you can learn through Skype.

Each dvd or electronic file costs 10 euros special price for students of the school. If you get more than 2 dvd you get a discount. For people outside the school the cost for each dvd or electronic file is 15 euros. Price becomes less if you buy more.
For those who do workshops for these qigongs, there is a further discount.

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