5 days Qi gong retreat in South Crete 23-28/8-2024

5 days Qi gong retreat in South Crete 23-28/8-2024

In the beautiful South Crete, in the small community of Azogires Chania at an altitude of about 400 meters and 10 minutes from the seaside of Paleochora, we will be holding our 5-day qi gong seminar . The 5 day qi gong seminar is open to all levels, even beginners in qigong.
The seminar will be taught by Lydia Tyllianaki.

Seminar material of 5 day retreat: Wei Tuo qi gong (see here info for this system) : Combines breath, movement, stretching, and self-focus and helps strengthen the vital energy to cope with stress, tension and illness. It has soft and dynamic movements and consists of 6 series of short duration forms, which include the introduction, the crane, the eagle, the dragon, the tiger and self-concentration with insight visualisation (Jing Kong posture). Time duration of the whole qigong about 30 minutes. More information about this system will be given to those who participate.
Lydia Tyllianaki has been taught Wei Tuo Qi gong by Master Wen Mei Yu and has taught it many times since 2002. In the seminar material we will also learn 6 healing sounds that correspond to our organs, such as the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys. At the same time, a part of it, will be calm sitting exercises that will help us to concentrate our energy. Students will be given visual and graphic material to remember the seminar exercises. See also an interview video of Master Wen Mei Yu here.

The seminar will start on Saturday morning August 24th (you should have come from Friday evening 23/8) and will end on Wednesday morning August 28th after 10:00 and our breakfast. Your departure can be on Wednesday during the day, or if you want you can arrange with the owner to stay longer or come earlier.
Everyday we will practice about 3-4 hours a day with lesson times 8:00 – 10:00 & 18:30 – 20:30. Times are approximate and may change slightly along the way. We will have our group breakfast after 10:00 on the terrace of the house.
The practice will take place in nature, on the terrace of the common area of the rooms or at the sea in Paleochora.

Accommodation and food:
In Azogires there are only 7 rooms available for the participants at the moment and all of them have two beds, some may be made into three beds. The rooms at the Alfa rooms hotel provide the basics without luxury as they are built since 1975 without changing much since then.
All are air conditioned except for one room downstairs which provides a fan.
Single bed availability is not available unless you are staying elsewhere in the area and are commuting. A little closer to the seminar dates, we will know if a room is available for a single bed. Other rooms is difficult to find in the village of Azogires, you have to look in the area near Paleochora, but in that case you need to have a car.
Breakfast will be provided at the seminar. You are responsible for the rest of the meals and transportation yourself. Near the rooms there is a small cafe about 3 minutes walk that provides simple small meals and drinks but you can also use the shared kitchen.
Is possible we will organize some group dinners in the small village cafe- we will talk about this once we are there.

Area – distances:
Azogires is located in South Crete, prefecture of Chania, about an hour and a half from the port of Souda. It is a magical place that has hosted many of our seminars in the past.
Your transfer from the Port of Souda to Azogires- if you do not have your own vehicle -can also be done via the Chania-Rethymnon Ktel.
If some have a car and want to share the costs with others you can let us know.
In the wider area of Azogires, there are some caves, and hiking trails, as well as an old monastery.
In Azogires there is a cafe-mini-restaurant within a 3-minute walk from the rooms. There is no supermarket.
The distance from Paleochora is 10 minutes by car where there are many different beaches various restaurants and supermarkets.
From Paleochora there is no bus connection to Azogires, only taxi services that you can share if you don’t have a vehicle.
In case we will go down to the sea as a group for practice or to eat somewhere, we can organize it between us or by booking a small van.
On the day of the seminar, we can pick you up from the Palaiochoras bus station (you have to let us know the time you arrive in Paleochora).

Seminar cost: 260 euros for those who pay in advance by the end of June. The deposit is 100 euros and is non-refundable in case of cancellation unless someone else is found to take your place. Cost for those who pay the deposit after the end of June is 300 euros.
The deposit payment is absolutely necessary for your participation in the seminar. Participants without deposit will not be accepted. If you do not book your place in time, we do not guarantee that you will find a room.
The price includes 5 nights with double accommodation, 5 breakfasts and all courses starting with accommodation from Friday night 23/8 to Wednesday noon 28/8. If you want to stay more days, contact the owner Eftyhis Koukoutsakis on mobile 6972138588 or email him on alfacafenion@aol.com , saying that you are from Lydia’s group.
Important notice! In case of cancellation of the workshop from our part (only for very serious reasons) or because of many cancellations or not enough participants we will return to you whatever money you paid in advance ( please note that this will not include your travel expenses).

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