11 years have passed since the last time we had our last summer seminar in Aegina! Time to return for a full four-day summer seminar in the beautiful place – the house of the Angels – the Ikia Karapanou House!

Seminar days: From Friday 1 July at 18.00 until the morning of Tuesday 5 July.

Open to all levels of Tai Chi even beginners in Tai Chi! We will be two instructors and we will be able to be divided into groups when we do not practice together. Instructors: Lydia Tyllianaki & Yiannis Zoumbroulis. Senior Instructors of Dong Style Tai chi family.

Program & seminar material:
Breakfast: 7:30 – 9:30 or 8:00 – 10:00. These hours can change depending on the shading of the space.
Afternoon lesson: 18:00 – 20:00 (again we will see it depending on the sun).
The first afternoon lesson will start Friday 1/7 18:00 so you must be at the place well earlier. The last lesson will end on the morning of Tuesday 5 / 7- one can leave immediately after breakfast, but we will be able to leave later and maybe early in the afternoon so that we can take a bath and eat together in a tavern.
The accommodation is a neoclassical beautiful house 5 minutes walk from the sea and is designed for seminars like ours. It is not a hotel. The rooms are double and triple all with single beds). Most share bathrooms. The garden has a double room with its own bathroom and two separate double rooms that share the same entrance and the bathroom which is located in one of them. On the ground floor where the kitchen is there are three double rooms that share two bathrooms – the two doubles will be available as one will be used by the teachers. The first floor has a double, a single and a triple that share a bathroom. There is a peculiarity here that to go to the bathroom one has to go through one of the other rooms.
The rooms do not have air conditioning – it is the rule of the House not to spoil the traditional house. But they can provide fans.
Due to covid restrictiona we will not fill all the beds, and you should know who you want to share your room with or ask us to arrange it for you. If one wants to stay alone in a room that has two beds then the cost will be a little more (see the cost for a single). In the House there is a beautiful room with a wooden floor on the first floor that we may use.
Rooms at a nearby hotel: If you do not want to stay at home, about a 12 minute walk can be booked at Stefania studios hotel (but you must do so now as availability is questionable at this time- you can to make the reservation through booking com and it keeps your reservation up to a month in advance without charge!). You can also come with your family if you wish.
Total cost of accommodation (regardless of how many classes you attend in 4 days): 350 euros per person (includes half board, 4 hours of classes per day and accommodation in any room (ask us for availability)
Extra cost for a single: The single is charged an extra 40 euros for the 4 days (single means if you get a room with two beds only if availability is available – in this case we suggest you stay at the hotel Stefania studios 12 minutes walk with early booking).
Cost without accommodation in the House: 250 euros (includes the charge for the use of the House, half board and lessons – note: we will have breakfast in the House after breakfast).
In case you do not stay at Home you will have to stay close in order to be present at the lessons. See here where the IKIA KARAPANOU House is.
Cost only for Friday ro Sunday: 190 euros (includes classes, accommodation for two nights only if there is availability at home (not single), half board from Friday night until Sunday morning and the charge for the use of the premises of the House).
Note this option is charged more because it is more difficult to organize. At this cost you can stay at home only if available. The rooms will mainly be given priority to those who do the whole seminar.
Weekend cost for those who book accommodation elsewhere: 140 euros (includes lessons from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, half board and the costs of using the premises of the House). If the participant wants to do more classes (eg Sunday afternoon or Monday morning), there will be an additional cost depending on what he will do.

Deposit payment and terms of participation:
For those who do the whole seminar: 200 euros from now until June 1 at the latest. The remaining amount must be repaid by June 20 at the latest.
For those who do not stay at home: 150 euros and must be given from now until June 1.
For those who only come from Friday to Sunday and do not stay at home is 90 euros and must be given up to 1st June.

All the necessary precautions will be taken at the seminar.

Seminar material:
In the seminar as we mentioned before we will be two instructors Lydia Tyllianaki and Yiannis Zoumbroulis, senior instructors of Dong Style Tai chi.

There will be work in tai chi (for completely new students there will be introductory tai chi exercises) as well as Qi Cong and energy concentration exercises to increase vitality and achieve calm. At the same time for those who are a little more advanced we will work in other forms of tai chi such as the straight or broad sword but also the beginners will have the opportunity to work with the second instructor at their own level.

The program is subject to minor changes depending on the participations. This is just a draft.

For participation applications please inform Lydia Tyllianaki (if you are a student of her school) at lydiatilli@hotmail.com or 69412605288 or Yiannis Zoumbroulis if you are a student of his school at taichiathens@gmail.com or 6946993501. Your position is only confirmed by deposit as soon as possible.