5  day chi gong  retreat in South Crete 26-31 August

5 day chi gong retreat in South Crete 26-31 August

We are happy to announce our 5 day retreat in South Crete (Perfecture of Chania), with training in one of the most ancient chi gong systems 1st Level Zhong Yuan Qi gong. Please click on the name Zhong Yuan Qi gong to read details of this system.
Dates: 26 – 31 August 2022 .
Lydia Tillianaki is a certified instructor to teach the first level at ZYQ (see below).
The course will be in Greek language but there will be english translation for those who need it.

Invited are all those who are interested in learning chi gong with or without previous experience. Invited are also those who have already learned and practice it and also those who have learned the other levels. The mornings will be training at the first level for beginners (if you already know it you can repeat), and the afternoons we will be practicing many of the ZYQ exercises. We will possibly combine it with other simple tai chi exercises or simple chi gongs.
Our retreat will take place in the Metacom seminar place in Anidri village in South Crete, Prefecture of Chania. The community is an hour and a half from Chania, in South West Crete. To go to the sea is about 10 min. drive to Paleochora. Approx. 3,5 klm. It is located in a semi-mountainous area. The place is very magical and inspires for energetic exercise.
Click here to see direction for the seminar place.
Our team will stay in the rooms of the place but for those who want to stay by the sea you can stay in Paleochora but you will have to find a room there yourself and have your own way (car or bike) to join us in Anidri.
Most of the rooms have air conditioning .The air condition is an extra cost (look at the extra costs). In the rooms there are two shared kitchen- exclusively for participants, a seminar room and a terrace for outdoor practice.
The place has only a few rooms and there are not many other rooms in the community, so those of you who are interested should have booked your place soon with a deposit (see below) otherwise you may not find a room in the seminar area. Some of the workshop will happen also in the village of Azogyres or at sea in Paleochora (evening times).
Dates, times and particularities of the seminar:
We will be starting on Friday afternoon 26/8 18:15 (first meeting) and finish on Wednesday 31/8 at 12:00.
Most likely we will be starting our days with breakfast on the terrace of the house of the rooms – to continue with a seminar 9:00 – 11:00 in the seminar hall or in the practice terrace and in the afternoon we will use different spaces even at the beach after 18:30. More details about the exact program will be given later to those who participate. The program can be modified slightly depending on the needs of the team.
This workshop is only for those who are able to participate for the whole 5 days. We will also have enough theory – part of it is listening to his theory in the room or outdoors and part of it will be exercise. Many exercises are quite meditative and calm enough so you need to have patience to practice them. It belongs to the category of internal chi gong systems that are not dynamic (it is more static).
Total cost lessons and accommodation sharing in double rooms:
Early bird if you book till 25/6: 290 euros (this price is valid only if the place is booked in advance until 25/6 with a deposit- see below- and includes breakfast and accommodation with another person in a double room).
After 25/6: 350 euros (for sharing double accommodation and lessons) if there is a place for the seminar.
You need to let us know if you prefer to share a room.
The cost for a single accommodation is an additional 65 euros . You can also stay in Paleochora or you can try to find something else in Anidri village.

Cost without accommodation in the rooms:
Early bird till 25/6: 140 euros for daily lessons starting from Friday afternoon 18:30 until Wednesday 12:00. There will be an extra charge of 5 euros per day for using the premises of the workshop place.
After 25/6 the cost will be 160 euros (without accommodation and breakfast).

Extra costs: All meals will be extra costs. Breakfast will be at the workshop place- we make our own – and other meals we will organise once we are there according to everyones needs. If you want to use air condition in your room it will be an extra 5 euros per day.

Is possible to have organised dinners for those who prefer at the local cafe of the area . (Let us know if you would like this).The area of Anidri has only one cafe- restaurant (the most ones are in Paleochora). We can also have organised meals in Azogyres village if we go there for our afternoon practice.

Deposit: 120 euros until 25/6 for those who stay in double rooms. (150 euros for those who stay in single room).
85 euros until 25/6 for those who do not stay in the rooms.
The deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation unless someone will take your place.
If you do not pay a deposit you risk not having a place because there are no other rooms in the community – and everything is much more expensive!

Participation terms: To participate – if you have not already been trained in this Chi Kong – you must be present from the first day of the seminar and attend to the end. The total cost does not change if you miss classes.

Lydia Tillianaki is the first Greek certified instructor of this ancient Chi Kong system at the first level by Master Xu Ming Tang and has been trained at all 4 levels of Zhong Yuan Qi gong (3 by Latvian instructor George Indulen and 4th by same Master Xu Ming Tang). She has been an instructor at Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kong since 1994 in Greece. She has been practicing these arts since 1984. You can see more details about this system and Image Medicine here.

To register, contact Lydia Tyllianaki at 6941605288 or at lydiatilli@hotmail.com