Online Classes

Online group lessons on Chi Gong via zoom

For those who live outside Athens or in areas that make it hard to access our school or who prefer to be though online, Lydia Tyllianaki offers group lessons via Zoom on various Chi Gong systems. The student will have the opportunity to learn the movements under the guidance of the teacher and at the same time will be able to acquire material that will help him/her in practice. We also offer recorded lessons on Tai chi & Chi gong (have a look below).

The cost for 8 lessons is 40 euros. If you want also the videos of the lessons add another 10 euros.

Next online qi gong lessons (in greek language) via Zoom.

Starting Thursday December 1st till Thursday February 2nd 19:00 – 20:00. 8 hourly lessons where we will be learning the Wu ji qi gong 18 exercises. Those lessons will be streaming online the same time that they happen in our class . If you want you can ask for the videos of the lessons to be send to you. Cost will be 40 euros for 8 lessons or 50 if you want the videos. The 18 exercises are beneficial for strengthening the chi energy of the body opening the joints and relaxation. These exercises were taught to us by Master Duan on his visit to Greece a few years ago.

ALL PAYMENTS ARE MADE BIA BANK TRANSFER. Once you write to us we will send you all details.

Recorded Zoom lessons

There are many recorded sessions on qi gong live from our classes & tai chi that happened in the past also during the lockdown period that you can buy .They are all in Greek Language.
If you are interested for online lessons for English speaking people , let us know your interest so we inform you once they happen.

Video lessons on tai chi chuan:

You will be taught the movement of Tai Chi chuan slow set 1st part with access to the few minute videos of the movements . You can access them by digital material that can be send to you. There are 15 lessons with 5-7 videos each lesson, from 2 – 7 min each video.
You can watch them at your own time. They are in greek language.

Cost: (All lessons have to be prepaid via bank account or paypal):
Tai chi Chuan Video lessons (15 lessons) 80 €.
For any more information please contact us.

Qi gong  Video lessons.

There are 8 half hour video lessons of 8 pieces of Brocade Qi gong and 8 half hour video lessons of Shibashi taiji chi gong 18 moves. These you can access via a spesific Facebook page or we can send them to you.
Cost for each system of 8 video lessons: 50 euros. Needs to be prepaid.

Call 2109359712 or email