Online Classes

Online private or group lessons on Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Gong via skype, messenger or viber & zoom

For those who live outside Athens or in areas that make it hard to access our school or who prefer to be though online, Lydia Tyllianaki offers group & private lessons on learning the Dong style Tai Chi Chuan form, other more advanced Taiji forms, and various Chi Gong systems. The student will have the opportunity to learn the movements under the guidance of the teacher and at the same time will be able to acquire material that will help him/her in practice.

If you speak greek and wish to take part on our online tai chi & chi gong courses via ZOOM, please lookbelow our programme.
Or you can look at the opportunity of having private online lessons.
If you are interested for online lessons for English speaking people , let us know your interest so we inform you once they happen.
Soon there will be teaching videos in English too.

Online tai chi lessons (slow set) starting from September

1st option:
Every Thursday 18:00 – 19:00 :1st part slow set. In this lesson you will be taught the movements of Tai chi chuan Slow set 1st part. There will be 15 lessons via ZOOM. Starts only if there will be enough participants. In Greek language.

2nd option: You will be also taught the movement of Tai Chi chuan slow set 1st part but you only will have access to the few minute videos of the movements . There will be a Facebook page where you can access the videos. There will be 15 lessons with 5-7 videos each.
These videos are not the videos of the 1 our lesson that will be taught via ZOOM.
You can watch them at your own but they are planned to start on September 26th. They are in greek language, but soon we will have them in English too.

COST FOR ONLINE TAI CHI LESSONS (All lessons have to be prepaid via bank account or paypal):
1st choice via ZOOM-: 80 euros for 15 lessons . All lessons have to be prepaid till September 7th if possible.
You can also pay them later but not later than the day of start.
You will have to be present to most classes.
2nd choice: 60 euros for access only to the complementary videos with the tai chi movements.
3rd choice: 100 euros for access to classes via ZOOM, and the complementary videos with the teaching of the tai chi movements.
For any more information please contact us.

Qi gong online classes

The new qi gong online course will be in Greek language and will start in October. There will be 8 video half hour lessons where you will be taught the 8 pieces of Brocade. Please let us know if you are interested the latest beginning of October.
Total cost for all 8 classes: 50 euros. Needs to be prepaid.

Private lessons online

These private courses can be arranged at any time of the day depending on availability – preferably in the morning or in the afternoon or early in the afternoon. Also within weekends depending on availability. Payment can be made via a bank account or Paypal. The cost depends on the course and the frequency.

The student should have a laptop, an empty space without furniture, and a connection to Skype, Messenger or Viber or have downloaded Zoom application. The cost of lessons will be discussed with the students and it will depend on the number of lessons he or she will need. The more the lessons the cheaper the cost.
One private online lesson these days costs 20 euros. 4 lessons 60 euros, 8 lessons 115 euros. We have to discuss your needs and see what is appropriate for you.

Call 2109359712 or email


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