The Nea Smyrni Tai Chi Chuan Association begun as a small group in 1994. It was officially founded and started it’s activities in 1998. Lydia Tillianaki is the main instructor and founder of the Association. The teaching program includes the internal martial art of Tai Chi Chuan Yang style and therapeutic Chi Kung. Many students have stayed through the years and still enjoy the benefits of these arts and continue to deepen their study. We accept only serious students who have the time to learn this art (minimum 2 lessons per week).Beginners lessons start each year around the end of September. Usually the new programme is announced from June. During the year we dont start new beginners groups.

Every year the Association organizes one or two workshops with special guest Master Alex Dong, Lydia’s main teacher. Some of these workshops are international and many of Master Alex Dong’s students from abroad are invited to join. They usually lust 4-5 days, filled with intense study, corrections and enrichment of material. Every two years a Chi Kung workshop is organized.

The intent of the Association is to keep the the students level at a high standard and to help the propagation of these internal arts. The activities of the Association include daily lessons, practice in nature and international and summer workshops.

The Nea Smyrni Tai Chi Chuan Association, is supervised by the Tung Ying Jie Taiji Legacy created by Master Alex Dong

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