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5 days Qi gong retreat in South Crete 23-28/8-2024 & 3 days workshop 29-31/8 on 2nd level ZYQ!

In the beautiful South Crete, in the small community of Azogires Chania at an altitude of about 400 meters and 10 minutes from the seaside of Paleochora, we will be holding our 5-day qi gong seminar and a 3 day Zhong yuan qigong seminar after . The first 5 day …

Workshop with Master Alex Dong in Athens 28/9 – 4/10

Master Alex Dong who has been visiting Greece, and holding workshops here since 1998, was once again here during the week from Monday 28/9/2015 to Sunday 4/10/2015 for an intensive international workshop .

During the days 28/9 – 30/9, slow set, fast family set, and fajin set were tough in Athens,  while from Thursday and on we “moved” to Markopoulo for an intensive workshop on push hands.
For once more we had the privilege of the unique teaching experience with Master Alex . Students from around the world under his guidance were able to delve deeper in their push hand skills and energy. We all emerged better, until next time!

Workshop at Azogyre Crete – August 2015

After two years we revisited Azogyre,for our annual summer workshop. Azogyre is a mountain village located 8 km from Palaiochora at the south shore of Crete, a place full of energy calm, and natural beauty.

The place has bewitched many students, who have come back again and again every summer to reload their batteries.

The classes are held out in the nature and we stay at the only available rooms of this mountain community. The workshop’s program consists of practice out in the wild nature of the mountain, and next to the calm sea, as well as excursions to nearby beaches.

11908939_10153615000438748_5206687120016413440_oOn Saturday 29th of August we enjoyed the full moon with a taichi session and a night swimm at the beautiful beach of Yalikskari.

If you wish to join in for similar workshops in the future check regularly the announcements  in the events section and in our Facebook